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The original 5 year Lockheed Martin contract with ACEIT IM/IT expired 9/30/13.  A bridge contract was subsequently awarded to Lockheed Martin through 9/30/14 with options to extend through 3/31/15.  LOCKHEED MARTIN (SEE BELOW) IS NOT SEEKING NEW SUBCONTRCTORS IN SUPPORT OF THIS BRIDGE CONTRACT.  The bridge contract is for services only; cots hardware and software are purchased through MANDATORY ARMY CONTRACTS

Susan M. Guerrero

Subcontract Management Associate Manager

10807 New Allegiance Drive

Bldg Code: CO/410807 Floor 5

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Office 719-258-2204

If you are interested in being a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for their other prime contracts, send a capabilities statement to Ms. Guerrero.  She can then refer you to the correct Lockheed Martin Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO.)



                                                                                                BILL CANTRELL  (601) 634-3470

Evaluations/Source Selection for new contract(s) to replace current Contract has begun and Individual Briefings by Industry are not being accepted.  The Small Business Advocate for the new contracts is SHARON MORROW.



Most centralized IT services for the US Army Corps of Engineers were provided by the Army Engineer Research & Development Center Information Technology Lab in Vicksburg, Mississippi prior to 2008.  Additional services were provided by individual Districts, Divisions, Centers, and HQ offices for their own needs.  Although the physical locations of many of these centralized services did not change, the organization providing the services did change as of May, 2008.

Prior to 2008, IT related hardware was purchased by each District or Center.  Most IT products and services are now being provided to all Corps of Engineers District, Division, Centers and HQ offices by a Field Operating Activity (FOA) named "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Enterprise Information Technology Services" – ACE-IT which buys products and services through a contract with Lockheed Martin Integrated Services (LMCO).  ACE-IT provides USACE with items and services such as desktop computers, monitors, laptops, copy machines, fax machines, AV products, network hardware, software, network security facilities and management, wireless communications (cell phones, mobile data units, Blackberry, point-to-point) and wireless networks. ACE-IT also provides consumables for IT products such as printer and copier paper, laser printer and copier cartridge, ink jet supplies, etc. through their contract with Lockheed Martin, which has agreements with large chains such as Staples & Office Depot.  

The ACE-IT FOA took operational control in May, 2008.  ACE-IT and the Lockheed Martin contract are the result of a multi-year "A-76 Public/Private Competition" completed under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76   Due to the rules established by OMB for A-76 Competitions, the requirements in FAR part 19 did not apply to process that created ACE-IT.  It is our understanding that the rules of the A-76 Circular do not apply for this round of contracts to be awarded the end of 2014, that FAR part 19 applies. 

All Corps of Engineers IT COTS hardware and software purchases are made through the Army CHESS program.  CHESS is also mandatory for purchases by LMCO.  All Army personnel are required to utilize CHESS for all COTS Purchases:  The Army CIO/G6 have issued a memo dated 4 May 2009, subject: Use of Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) as the Primary Source for Procuring Commercial Information Technology (IT) Hardware and Software, which reminds all Army leaders of the requirement for all commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, desktops, notebook computers and video teleconferencing equipment regardless of dollar value to be purchased through CHESS.  “When procuring IT Services (under CHESS), consideration must be given to setting aside requirements for small businesses and other small business categories” in accordance with FAR Part 19.  For the Corps of Engineers, this applies only to services that are NOT covered under the ACE-IT FOA and its associated Lockheed Martin contract.



Logistics related products and services in the Corps of Engineers are provided by the USACE Logistics Activity (ULA), a Field Operating Activity (FOA.)    The ULA is headquartered in Millington, TN which is near Memphis.   ERDC can only get “logistics” products and services through the ULA.  This is a mandatory source for all USACE activities/locations.  You should contact the ULA for further information concerning selling to the Corps.  The ULA uses the Memphis District Contracting Office for its requirements.  Karen Brady is your small business advocate at the Memphis contracting office, which supports the ULA (901) 544-4146.



Army activities are required to purchase all office supplies through the GSA DOD eMall.    Virtually all office supplies are purchased by Government Procurement Card holders.   Card holders are required to rotate their purchases among all suppliers on the eMall; they cannot go to the same one repeatedly.  The small business office does not review or have any input/influence on which vendors are used at the DOD eMall.   Bottom Line: you must be a vendor on DOD eMall under this GSA FSS regardless of price/cost.  



USACE Districts, Centers, and Labs get calls every so often from commercial labs wanting to get "certified" by USACE so they can provide testing services to various federal agencies for construction materials, like concrete & soil.  Mr. Al Crawley in the Geotechnical & Structures Lab (GSL) in Vicksburg handles this.  Phone: 601-634-3123   

GSL accepts accreditation/inspection by AMRL or CCRL for audit purposes so the business doesn't have to pay for a separate inspection by GSL. You still need to contact Al even if you are accredited by AMRL/CCRL and want to be “certified” by USACE.  The Corps does not have a comparable certification program for environmental testing.  Those labs are certified by the states.

                                                                                        GROUND AND AIR TRANSPORTION

Ground Transportation: In accordance with the Defense Transportation Regulations, all buses, vans, and limousines must be DoD-approved. In order to become an approved carrier, you will need to contact:

Defense Travel Management Office

4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 04J25-01

Alexandria, VA 22350-9000

Phone: 571-372-1300

Air Transportation: DoD-approve air carriers must be used for all charter and group movements. DoD instruction 4500.53 requires that DoD components procure commercial air transportation services from air carriers approved by the DoD Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB). The DoD Commercial Airlift Division (HQ AMC/A3B), located at HQ AMC, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois; supports the CAR and is response for validating and releasing a list of commercial air carriers approved, and not approved to do business with DoD for the following types of aircraft:

Fixed Wing: Approved for Fixed-Wing Aircraft Operations Only

Cargo Only: No Passenger Transportation

CRAF: Civil Reserve Air Fleet Carrier

GSA: GSA City Pair Carrier

Rotary Wing: Approved for Helicopter Operations Only

OPS Only: Operational Missions only; No Passenger Transportation

Air Ambulance: Approved for Air Ambulance Service

Call (618) 229-2073 or (618) 229-2109 for further information


Current as of: 28 May 2014