John Moreno, SES

Regional Business Director

Published Jan. 29, 2019

Mr. John Moreno has over 26 years of experience with USACE and currently serves as the South Pacific Division (SPD) Regional Business Director.  As one of two Senior Executives in SPD, he provides executive leadership and direction for the South Pacific Division and its four subordinate Districts in operating as a Regional Business Center.  He leads, drives, manages and oversees the strategic direction, technical engineering support, financial operations, and supports development of matrixed and cross-functional teams for program and project execution.  The SPD program workload valued at $2 billion annually includes Civil Works, Military Construction, and Interagency/International Services (IIS) programs.  Signature projects/programs that Mr. Moreno has worked while at SPD include the $300 million dam safety modification project at Isabella Dam, the $3.1 billion Department of Veterans Affairs program, and the $2 billion Border Infrastructure program for Customs and Border Protection. 


•  Business Technical Division Chief, South Pacific Division, USACE
•  Chief of Engineering and Construction Division, Afghanistan District, USACE
•  Chief of Engineering and Construction, Albuquerque District, USACE
•  Construction Manager/Area Engineer, Fort Worth District, USACE
•  Resident Engineer, Europe District, USACE
•  Project Engineer/Navigation Project Manager, Los Angeles District, USACE  


•  Masters of Building Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991
•  Bachelors of Science Civil Engineering, Stanford University, 1990
•  Professional Engineer, State of California, 1995
•  Administrative Contracting Officer, 2001
•  Advanced Civilian Education System, Army Management and Staff College, 2015


•  Bronze Order of the de Fleury Medal, US Army Engineer Association, 2016
•  Superior Civilian Service Award, Department of Army, 2016
•  Civilian Combat Service Pin, USACE Afghanistan, 2016
•  Superior Civilian Service Award, Department of the Army, 2011
•  Construction Manager of the Year, Southwestern Division, 2007