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USACE SPD develops small businesses and maximizes their opportunities for our procurements within SPD’s footprint on a continual basis, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable small business firms to support our mission and strengthen our nation’s economic development.

The South Pacific Division through their districts, acquires a variety of supplies and services.  In FY21, $1.76 billion dollars of obligations were made for supplies and services.  The top ten acquisitions:

1. Commercial & Institutional Building Construction - $682.5M or 38.67% of the total dollars (NAICS 236220)

2. Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction - $516.3M or 29.25% of total dollars (NAICS 237990)

3. Remediation Services - $148.2M million or 8.40% total dollars (NAICS 562910)

4. Highway, Street, & Bridge Construction - $77.9M or 4.42% of total dollars (NAICS 237310)

5. Engineering Services - $69.6M or 3.94% of total dollars (NAICS 541330

6. Industrial Building Construction - $65.9M or 3.74% of total dollars (NAICS 236210

7. Environmental Consulting Services - $36.7M or 2.08% of total dollars (NAICS 541620)

8. Oil & Gas Pipeline & Related Structure Construction - $28.8M or 1.63% of total dollars (NAICS 237120)

9. Water & Sewer Line & Related Structural Construction - $19.8M or 1.12% of total dollars (NAICS 237110)

10. Landscaping Services - $15.3M or 0.87% of total dollars (NAICS 561730)





Small Business Goals

The South Pacific Division Small Business Goals for Fiscal Year 2022 and 2023

Small Business Overall:  41.50%

Small Disadvantaged Business:  27.00%

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned SB3.50% 

Women-Owned Small Business:  6.75%

Historically Underutilized Business Zone:  6.00%


Business With The Corps

Doing Business With the Corps of Engineers Contracting

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Firms that feel they have been unfairly treated may contact:

Regulatory Enforcement Fairness

Office of the National Ombudsman

U.S. Small Business Administration

409 3rd Street, S.W., Washington D.C. 20416

Tel: (886) 734-3247 or http://www/



FY22 & FY23 Business Opportunities

NOTE: The enclosed spreadsheet contains estimated dates and estimated values for projects that are subject to change. Please contact the particular District Small Business Deputy for more updated information.

Click Here to download SPD FY22 & FY23 Work Requirement Spreadsheet (3rd QTR FY22)

Click Here to download SPD FY22 & FY23 Pamphlet (1st QTR FY22)


Contact Us

District Small Business Contacts:

Ms. Stephanie Parra                                              Phone: 575-556-9940

Los Angeles
Mr. Prisco "Eric" Ravelli                                             Phone: 213-452-3938

Mr. Kinya "Roger" Minami

Ms. Michelle Morales                                                Phone: 916-557-7641

San Francisco
Ms. Michelle Morales                                                Phone: 916-557-7641

SPD Division Small Business Office:

San Francisco
Mr. Jack A. May                                                          Phone: 415-503-6947