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 Small Business Mission Statement

USACE SPD develops small businesses and maximizes their opportunities for our procurements within SPD’s footprint on a continual basis, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable small business firms to support our mission and strengthen our nation’s economic development.

 What do our Districts Procure?

The South Pacific Division through their districts, acquires a variety of supplies and services.  In FY23, $1.15 billion dollars of obligations were made for construction services.  The top five acquisitions:

1. Commercial & Institutional Building Construction - $374M of the total dollars (NAICS 236220)

2. Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction - $270M of total dollars (NAICS 237990)

3. Remediation Services - $222M of total dollars (NAICS 562910)

4. Highway, Street, & Bridge Construction - $72M of total dollars (NAICS 237310)

5. Power & Communication Line & Related Structures Construction - $55M of total dollars (NAICS 237130

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Small Business Goals

SPD Small Business Goals FY2024

Small Business Overall:  40.00%

Small Disadvantaged Business:  27.00%

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned SB3.00% 

Women-Owned Small Business:  3.11%

Historically Underutilized Business Zone:  7.00%


Business With The Corps

Doing Business With the Corps of Engineers Contracting

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Firms that feel they have been unfairly treated may contact:

Regulatory Enforcement Fairness

Office of the National Ombudsman

U.S. Small Business Administration

409 3rd Street, S.W., Washington D.C. 20416

Tel: (886) 734-3247 or http://www/


Contact Us

District Small Business Contacts:

Currently Vacant                                                     Phone: 

Los Angeles
Mr. Prisco "Eric" Ravelli                                             Phone: 213-452-3938

Mr. Kinya "Roger" Minami                                        Phone: 213-452-3234

Mr. Vernon Simpkins                                                Phone: 916-557-5234

San Francisco
Mr. Vernon Simpkins                                                Phone: 916-557-5234

SPD Division Small Business Office:

San Francisco
Mr. Jack A. May                                                          Phone: 415-503-6947