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Regulatory Public Notices

  • SPN-2009-00443

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), South Pacific Division has completed a Record of Decision (ROD) for the Panoche Valley Solar Project in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The ROD may be found on the Corps, Sacramento District Website at: or at the South Pacific Division website at

  • Updated Map and Drawing Standards

    This notice establishes updated standards and guidelines for maps and drawings submitted as part of delineations and applications for U.S. Army permits and jurisdictional determinations. The intent of these standards is to improve the quality and consistency of maps and drawings and simplify and improve review and processing by Corps Regulatory project managers. We estimate that at least 70-80% of maps and drawings submitted to the Corps Regulatory Program in South Pacific Division (comprised of Albuquerque, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles districts) already meet the majority of these standards. By adhering to a single standard for maps and drawings, applicants and consultants should have a clear and concise product, and project managers should be able to provide permit decisions and jurisdictional determinations in a more consistent and timely manner. In addition, electronic mapping of permit-related maps and drawings will enable data sharing with other resource agencies for coordination of mitigation decision-making.

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