US Army Corps of Engineers
South Pacific Division

  • August

    California Flood Risk Management Discussed at Technical Seminar

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and California Department of Water Resources (DWR) joined forces
  • Match Making on Coast Guard Island good for Small Business

    Small business representatives from all over California learned how to better obtain work with the
  • April

    Agencies Exchange best Practices at Roundtable

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Ten federal agencies from around the San Francisco Bay Area exchanged ideas
  • December

    Division’s First OCA Held at Cochiti Dam

    The first Operation Condition Assessment (OCA) in the South Pacific Division (SPD) took place the week of Oct. 8 at the Corps’ Cochiti Dam project, located about 50 miles north of Albuquerque.
  • July

    Archaeology in the Land of the Dead

    Jornada del Muerto – Journey of the Dead - for more than two centuries, Spanish colonists traveling between Mexico City and the Spanish colonial outpost at Santa Fe had to cross this desolate, waterless valley in south-central New Mexico. The Jornada’s flat surface hides hidden sand dunes whose roots lie along the surface of an ancient dune field. Cement-like surfaces could give way to 4 feet of sand in the space of a single step, bogging down oxen and cartwheel alike, requiring time and energy to free both. Carrying all the water for both humans and livestock, travelers were keenly aware that any delay during the 90-mile crossing could cost both lives and profits.